A man of Tenet can go far

We've been on the road; we've been exploring.

We've been on the road;
we've been exploring.

Guangdong Youde Technology Co. Ltd.

A man of Tenet can go far

Quality products and reliable service are our virtues. On the way to success, I hope you and us will walk hand in hand.

Guangdong Youde Technology Co. Ltd.

Core services

We focus on comprehensive solutions in the field of "cloud big things move wisdom", covering mobile applications, Wechat development, large-scale software, platform operation, CDN construction, Smart Internet of Things, etc. We use high-quality services to win business opportunities for you.


Years of experience in technology development, in-depth research in more than 20 major industries, and in-depth practice of 1000+ industry solutions, to grasp your actual needs from the ground up, can provide you with faster, better and more affordable solutions.

Quality case

The accumulation of a large number of cases on various platforms and development technologies is the basis for us to provide you with quality development services.

About us

Guangdong Youde Technology is a high-tech enterprise specializing in software customization, software development, software implementation and platform operation. It focuses on the application research, development and operation services of Internet and mobile Internet. It has wide applications in e-commerce, industry platforms, website platforms, App, public numbers, small programs, CDN and other fields. Service. The company has a number of professional teams engaged in project planning, software development, software customization, software services, platform operation, with strong technical development and operational strength, to meet the informatization and customization needs of the government, universities, enterprises and institutions in an all-round way.

We are a young and dynamic company, pursuing "fun, interesting, reliable" and technological excellence. Since its establishment in 2016, a large number of software copyrights have been accumulated to provide high-quality services for the education industry, the public cultural industry, enterprises and institutions. Youde Science and Technology has been awarded the title of "High-tech Enterprise" and "Technology-based Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" successively, which has a very good reputation in society.

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